Sales Assistant

Location: Istanbul, TR, MM Plaza

GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS ·Graduated from the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management Engineering Departments of universities, ·At least 3 years of experience in customer relations and sales planning, ·Knowledgeable about presentation and reporting techniques, · Advanced Excel knowledge, ·Gives importance to business discipline and ethics, ·Experienced in similar processes in sales operations, ·Positive, prone to team work, strong communication skills, · Possesses organizational and communication skills ·Aptitude for team work, open to learning and development, ·Diction is correct, fast and practical, ·We are looking for male candidates who have completed their military service and are looking for a teammate. JOB DESCRIPTION ·Ensuring coordination with sales channels and relevant units, ·Regularly monitoring and reporting sales stock status, ·Following up monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly and annual sales plans and reporting any deviations to the management, ·Monitoring needs and trends, conducting market and competitor analysis and reporting the results, · Defining customer information in the system and keeping existing customer information up to date, ·Making all records and reports regarding the processes, ·Taking part in new projects and project development studies, ·To ensure the organization and management of annual and interim income budget studies, Note: All applications will be evaluated on a confidential basis.

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