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About Us

Helbeto based in Turkey and active in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. Company has been established in 2005 as a solution provider for chemical distribution market and over the years , it started to serve with the same approach in the Metallurgy and Food sector. In 2011, Tashkent Office established and Helbeto has been started to act one of the main Chemical supplier in Central Asia and Russia. The company has very wide range of products in chemicals, such as textile auxilary chemicals, detergent and cosmetics, food additives, pharmaceuticals and petroleum chemicals. Our aim is create sustainable business with our partners and we are committed to ensure customer satisfaction in every aspects.

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Our Vision

It is to be a pioneering and exemplary organization that is reliable, dynamic, global thinking, using new technologies and approaches, solution oriented, carrying team spirit, expert and adding value to its customers in a globalizing competitive environment.

Our Mission

Reliable, fast, quality, timely, affordable, Beyond expectations is to be your solution partner with our high standard services.

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